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Doing the Dishes

I don’t know when I started, but I’m pretty sure it was when I was still young.  My siblings and I each had our assigned day to wash the dishes.  My parents refused to buy a dishwasher because, hey, they had dishwashers!  It wasn’t until we all grew up and left home did they opt for buying a machine.

I have to say, I carry on that tradition to an extent.  My kids are assigned to do the lunch dishes. However, they tend to be much more enterprising than I was!  One day the eldest offered to pay her sibling for the service.  Today, the youngest exchanged her family game choosing privilege for the service.  In the end, they both felt like it was worth it to have someone else do the task.  Maybe the virtual assistance business is rubbing off on them!  They clearly see the value of outsourcing a minimal task for the right cost.

So here’s the question, can you recognize the benefits of virtual assistance?  I would clump busy work like data entry jobs, address book management, data mining, newsletters, etc, under the category of business “dishes.”  These jobs don’t need to occupy your time!  You should focus on what will grow your business and improve your company.

What would you rather be doing: the “dishes” or calling the shots?