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What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual Assistance or VA is a modified form of the job called Executive Assistance, which gives professional administrative, creative, marketing, or technical support to clients, mostly executives. The only difference is it’s done “online”. From the very word “virtual”, VA is known for the remote service it renders.  Clients and virtual assistants can be miles apart, even from different sides of the world.  They communicate through the internet, email, online work spaces, telephone, or fax machine. Through these forms of communication, many jobs can be done virtually.

VA is categorized under the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO sector since clients outsource a part of their tasks to  VA companies or a home based VA worker. The outsourced work is usually composed of, but not limited to:

a. Administrative – includes data entry, contact book and email management

b. Creative – includes writing, web design, graphic design

c. Marketing – includes emailing and calling contacts and offering of services

d. Technical – includes SEO, blog and website maintenance

e. Personal – booking and reservations, calendar scheduling, paying bills online, etc.

Assistants work strictly in accordance to the instructions given by the clients. Moreover, clients and assistants are expected to work in an ongoing, mutual professional relationship, which sometimes develops into a long term work agreement. One of the most notable thing about virtual assistance is that it gives the clients efficiency, profitability and personal freedom. It is  rewarding for a client who needs to balance business priorities and personal life.

This profession is growing considerably worldwide. A significant number of VA is found in the Philippines and India where there is a massive workforce who are qualified, educated and fluent in English, at a lower cost. The top 5 countries with largest registered virtual assistants are USA, England, India, Philippines, and Canada.

A reason why virtual assistance is gaining so much popularity and demand is not only because of the diverse service it renders but also because of the astounding benefits it brings to clients.

Skoolfund, recommended by AssistMe Pro!

Skoolfund, a great online fundraiser portal for schools, has been a partner of AssistMePro in various marketing strategies. Skoolfund has innovated, through advanced technology, the way schools raise funding for school activities, projects, supplementing school budgets, student organizations, Parent Teacher Associations, etc. They understand it is important for teachers and students to focus on education while funding is raised to keep schools well-maintained and worthwhile activities are planned so that students can enjoy their education.

Skoolfund was inspired by PTA fundraising committees and Booster Clubs who felt frustrated because of lack of funds (and lack of time for fundraising activities). They realized they needed a better way to fundraise.   They wanted their children to focus on studying rather than spending a lot of time fundraising. Skoolfund recognized the importance of the support system that surrounds the children. With the world’s economic downturn schools needed a way to supplement diminishing budgets.  With Skoolfund, support systems of the schools are well funded, priorities are met with excellence and students are best served.

Skoolfund is an agent between the fundraisers and the donors. It markets the school online to obtain the funds needed. Through the Skoolfund portal, fundraisers enter the school of their choice, the specific amount that needs to be raised and the purpose. Because it is online, fundraisers, schools and donors can readily track and manage the donations made real time.  While the advertisement is posted on the Skoolfund website, fundraisers and donors can also engage in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and dozens of other online networks to help promote their campaign. Traditional fundraising through automated solicitation letters is supported by Skoolfund for easy monitoring.  And lastly, it is absolutely secure that 100% of donations are directly given to schools.

Skip the “old school” way of fundraising through donation boxes and selling candy. Take school fundraising to new heights and try Skoolfund! It’s easy, safe and effective. That’s why AssistMePro gives Skoolfund two thumbs up!

Visit to see for yourself that fundraising for your beloved alma mater has never been this convenient.

The Filipino Worker

Filipino workers, professional or skilled, are renowned internationally to be a massive qualified and efficient workforce. Not only are they expected to bring successful results in their own country, but many countries choose and employ Filipino workers to get a job done.

Looking back, Filipino workers have always been highlighted as hardworking and patient. Historically, they were under three major foreign occupations. Through this Filipinos learned to be submissive, work under extreme pressure, while creating relationships and building trust.

Today, Filipinos continue to set the bar on work ethics. They willfully and joyfully work to satisfy clients, develop businesses, offer services, provide a living for the family, and contribute to society. Since they are known for working so hard to finish their education in order to get a good job, they value their job as much and there’s no turning back to it. Nowadays, Filipino workers are spread around the globe in every kind of job because of the increase of demand of their capabilities. Nonetheless, more and more foreign companies are putting up their businesses in the Philippines not only because of huge investment opportunities but also to make the most out of the Filipino manpower that exists there.

Below are some personal traits and professional characteristics of the Filipino worker which has earned them global competency:

  • Educational Qualifications. With a high literacy rate of 94.9% and English proficiency of 75% based on statistics, Filipinos gained international acclaim in various fields. They undergo exceptional training through educational institutions with top quality standards and they use English as their official business language.
  • Industrious. Wanting to go home each day with a sense of fulfillment, the Filipino worker is used to work beyond the working hours to finish their task. Their vision of hard work always seems obvious by being able to perform their duties as expected by their employers.
  • Dependable. Since time, Filipinos are well known to be helpful and hospitable. In the workplace, Filipinos adhered to these characters by being reliable, loyal and trustworthy in whatever job given to them. They are serious when it comes to confidential information.
  • Innovative. Filipinos always want to improve work flow, put things into systems and carry out ideas to make the work easier. They organize matters to produce better results with their resourcefulness and creativity.

With this competency, who wouldn’t want to experience the quality of service Filipino workers can offer?

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