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Outsourcing in the Philippines

The outsourcing industry is the most promising and fastest emerging business in the Philippines. It offers profitability to foreign investors, availability of resources to the world market, stability and growth to the Philippine economy, and generous employment opportunities to the Filipino skilled workers. Because of its capable development,  Philippines’ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) continues in building up its standards to attract foreign businesses into the country. Several reasons which make the Philippines one of the top outsourcing destination in the world are:

1.        The Philippine government has implemented several laws that grant benefits to multinational companies who wish to set up operations in the country,

2.        The Philippines has free trade zones or export processing zones where some normal trade barriers such as tariffs and quotas are reduced or eliminated to attract new businesses and foreign investments,

3.        The Philippines posses a high literacy rate of large base skilled workers,

4.        Most citizens are fluent in speaking professional English so foreigners do not have trouble communicating.

Outsourcing made a boom because it reduces control and operating costs and improves company focus. But experts are seeing a shift from cost-effectiveness to skills quality and competence. This development keeps the Philippines stronger in its position as a growing global leader in the outsourcing industry (BPAP 2006). More and more foreign companies then desire to gain access to the world-class capabilities of the Filipinos.

The Philippines outsourcing industry offers a wide range of services to companies such as IT, management, finance, animation, engineering, architecture, medical transcription,  education, human resource, administrative services and call center services. It has grown 46% annually since 2006 with a significant contribution of the offshore call centers.

A majority of the outsourcing companies are located in cities like Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Other sites are located in major regional areas such as Angeles City, Bacolod City, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro, Dagupan City, Davao City, Dumaguete City, Iligan City, Iloilo City, Legazpi City, Lipa City and Tacloban City.

Because of the remarkable growth, customer satisfaction, and investment-wise destination, the Philippines was awarded two times by the United Kingdom’s National Outsourcing Association as the “Best Offshoring Destination of the Year Award for 2009 for its Business Process Outsourcing sector.” It is in recognition of the healthy economic environment that attracts foreign business to locate their operations in the country.


Assist Me Pro – Assisting You is Our Expertise

Outsourcing. Getting some practical help.

You have worked today for ten long hours and don’t feel productive because tomorrow the work will have multiplied. Or, you have been sitting in front of your computer more than your eyes can actually handle and have done the same searching-the-internet-thing over and over again. Or, you have been day dreaming of hitting your sales quota so you can finally take a family vacation. Or, you have been saving and working overtime so that in 30 years you can retire. Or, you just really have a very boring job and you would rather ski or surf. If you have ever felt like this, the practical solution is to outsource.

Outsource it! Give a portion of the work that you would rather not do to a company who can productively do it at a cheaper cost (rather than hiring more manpower at a greater cost). Outsourcing is the fastest growing, most promising industry in the world because it is cost-effective while providing a highly competent business solution. Moreover, outsourcing to a business provider will cater to your professional needs while giving you personal freedom.

Virtual Assistant. Your personal crew.

How would it feel to wake up in the morning with your tasks already completed?  Each morning you see that you have sent more than 200 emails to prospective clients during the night. You see research on a specific project reported without you even running a google search. Then you remember! You finally decided to outsource your work and yes! You have a remote Virtual Assistant (VA) on the other side of the world working for you.

VAs specializes in giving professional administrative, technical, or creative support. She is your personal secretary, only across the sea. She can write your business letters, research over the internet for you, work on your websites, send your emails, pay your bills online, update your blog, book your travel itinerary, manage your online files, schedule your calendar, and any thing else you would want your executive assistant to do. Now you have enough time to focus on the job that  really needs your attention the most. You would have time for a family activity or a hobby. You have time to do what you ultimately would like to do.  With a VA you have maximized your effort, and the great thing is, the job is still done well.

AssistMePro. Gets your job done.

AssistMePro (AMP) is the outsourcing company which caters to the growing business needs of executives, small businesses and individuals in need of practical help. Because we value your time, effort, and finances, AMP offers you efficiency, profitability and personal freedom.  You can avail of any of our various services with professional support of our highly trained and qualified VAs. We are widely diverse when it comes to assisting you—from Search Engine Optimization, Designs, Writing, Data Management, to Internet Research and other Administrative tasks, we are ready to give you executive service!

Feel free to browse through our website and request information for your preferred business needs.  When you request a quotation and we carry out a mutual work agreement to ensure understanding. You make a secure payment through PayPal and we will work on your project.  You will experience the difference of having a VA. We will increase your business and personal productivity.  And we will certainly get your job done!

If you have heard about outsourcing and virtual assistance before but still have not given chance to the idea, then it is time to try it! Contact AssistMePro now and we will be happy to assist you.