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Three Wishes

AssistMePro has been partnering with Three Wishes to find people in order to help them regain independence and mobility.  Three Wishes specializes in providing durable medical equipment such as power wheelchairs.  This company offers a wide variety of power wheelchairs from leading manufactures such as Invacare, Pride, and Bruno.

Three Wishes especially wants to help people who, without the use of a wheelchair, would otherwise be bed or chair confined.  Some people may include those who have a spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, advanced multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, etc.  In addition, they may have been paralyzed or have weakness that makes them unable to push a manual wheelchair.  Nobody wants to be confined.  A power wheelchair can help these people move around independently.

The great thing about Three Wishes is that many times a patient with the above mentioned conditions can qualify to have their power wheelchair covered by Medicare or other health insurance.  A Three Wishes case manager will work with a client to help them through the process, starting with making an appointment with a physician.

If you know someone who is suffering from limited mobility, contact Three Wishes at 1-800-687-2306 for a free, no obligation consultation or check out their website here.

Skoolfund, recommended by AssistMe Pro!

Skoolfund, a great online fundraiser portal for schools, has been a partner of AssistMePro in various marketing strategies. Skoolfund has innovated, through advanced technology, the way schools raise funding for school activities, projects, supplementing school budgets, student organizations, Parent Teacher Associations, etc. They understand it is important for teachers and students to focus on education while funding is raised to keep schools well-maintained and worthwhile activities are planned so that students can enjoy their education.

Skoolfund was inspired by PTA fundraising committees and Booster Clubs who felt frustrated because of lack of funds (and lack of time for fundraising activities). They realized they needed a better way to fundraise.   They wanted their children to focus on studying rather than spending a lot of time fundraising. Skoolfund recognized the importance of the support system that surrounds the children. With the world’s economic downturn schools needed a way to supplement diminishing budgets.  With Skoolfund, support systems of the schools are well funded, priorities are met with excellence and students are best served.

Skoolfund is an agent between the fundraisers and the donors. It markets the school online to obtain the funds needed. Through the Skoolfund portal, fundraisers enter the school of their choice, the specific amount that needs to be raised and the purpose. Because it is online, fundraisers, schools and donors can readily track and manage the donations made real time.  While the advertisement is posted on the Skoolfund website, fundraisers and donors can also engage in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and dozens of other online networks to help promote their campaign. Traditional fundraising through automated solicitation letters is supported by Skoolfund for easy monitoring.  And lastly, it is absolutely secure that 100% of donations are directly given to schools.

Skip the “old school” way of fundraising through donation boxes and selling candy. Take school fundraising to new heights and try Skoolfund! It’s easy, safe and effective. That’s why AssistMePro gives Skoolfund two thumbs up!

Visit to see for yourself that fundraising for your beloved alma mater has never been this convenient.