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Launching an online business today may sound like an easy thing to do.  A lot of aspects appear to be simple.  But if you are not a techy, developing a website and then getting it online can be an intimidating process.

First, building a website, design, content, any programming, domain name and hosting is a whole project in itself!  Once that is done, most people want to launch their business and see the business flow in.

Unfortunately, today there are literally MILLIONS of sites competing for web users.  The question is HOW do you get people to view your site?  While there are many approaches, here are a few starters I’ll give as SEO assistance.

1.)   Keywords – use them in the content of your site but write your content for people.  However, remember that keywords are at the foundation of your online marketing/ SEO campaign.

2.)   Web Analytics – In order to see how many people actually come to your site, where they are coming from and see which techniques work, you need a web analytics source.  It’s a measuring tool for your SEO.

3.)   Links – Go for quality, not quantity links.  Placing links on a high-ranking page will do much better than placing a thousand links on a low quality page.

4.)   Be Patient – SEO is not a one-week process.  Getting your site ranked, and keeping it there, takes time!  In fact, it may even take months before you see results.

In the end, if all of this is going over your head or you don’t want to spend the time learning it yourself, get the best web developing team to help you build your site and help you with search engine optimization.  You could even lower you business overhead expenses by outsourcing this task.  Whatever you decide to do, you cannot ignore the fact that a successful online business will need an online SEO optimizer.